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Project Update #14 -- New website and project update notes

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  • Project Update #14 -- New website and project update notes

    I hope everyone is having a great 2017!

    After the initial flurry of activity surrounding our switch to C++ early last month, we’ve returned to a more normal level of development activity. Part of this was due to the recent shutdown of the MMORPG “Asheron’s Call.” One of our lead server developers spent a lot of time this past month collecting data needed to preserve and create an emulator server. We empathize with fans of Asheron’s Call in this trying time and wish them the best of luck in developing their own emulator.

    Despite the dip in activity, January has been a very productive month for our project. We’ve made some small but measurable additions to our PlanetSide emulator. Here are some of the accomplishments we’ve made:
    • Voice macros
      • Voice macros are now working.
    • Inventory Management
      • You can now freely equip items or place them in your inventory.
      • Using consumables (Medkits) now works.
      • Return button on Equipment Terminals now works.
      • There is still some work to be done; specifically regarding stacking items, replacing items occupying existing spaces, etc.
    • Player ID system
      • When logging into our test server, each player is assigned a unique ID number for that specific session. This allows players chatting to tell each other apart.
      • We are looking into database solutions this month so we can allow for persistent character names.
    • Entering game objects
      • You can now enter Turrets and Implant Terminals, but they are still not fully functional.
    • BR23 Custom Appearance
      • You can now modify your appearance with the Battle Rank 23 reward to toggle your helmet, shades, earpiece and hat or beret.
    We’ve also launched our new website and forums. Please check us out at and register on the forums!

    Additionally, our Discord server is getting very close to 1,000 members. Typically, we peak around 125-150 concurrent online users. Make sure to spread the word about it or join us yourself today!

    - PSForever Team

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    Fantastic work. I have been her since the very start of PS forever's development glad to see very good progress.

    Btw i am the one whom made the PSforever promotional video.


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      Awesome! Glad to hear things are progressing nicely


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        I logged in last weekend and had nostalgic moments walking around the maps. I'll tell ya, empty corridors were eerie - kept expecting to hear the 'rrrrip' of TR chainguns answered by grenades and gauss fire, the EMP burst after an air drop, MightyMouser skulking around the CC... keep up the good work!

        I'm not a coder by any means but if you have any simple repetitive tasks that can't be macroed for whatever reason, let me know if I can help add functionality to the server.
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