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Project Update #15 -- Old faces and new progress

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  • Project Update #15 -- Old faces and new progress

    Project Update #15 -- Old faces and new progress

    Hello PlanetSide fans!

    I’m happy to announce that founder and lead developer of PSForever Chord has returned to the project. With his return, new efforts are being made to push the project to the next level. We are creating a roadmap, task management solution, documentation, and other helpful resources for anyone wishing to get up to speed and contribute to the project. If you are interested in helping out, or just want to follow development more closely, please join us on our Discord server.

    Project Organization

    We are working hard to bring things back together under one project with one brand. Chord has worked with the team to ensure that even if he’s not around, work can continue with the PSForever brand.

    We transferred all Github projects from the PSEmulator organization back to the original PSForever organization, and merged all of our developer's changes back into the master branch of the Login/Game server. You can check out our unified Github organization here:

    The Scala server will again continue as the main language for the server project over C++. The reason for switching back has to do with the activity of our current developers and their preferences. Additionally, the progress using Scala is still much further ahead.

    The new website we released earlier this year can still be found at and we plan to redirect to it with in the near future. If possible, we may choose to migrate the old forum posts and accounts over to our new vBulletin forums. If you’ve never been a member of either forum, make sure to sign up and join the discussion!

    Server Updates

    We’re making big strides towards player syncing. Here is a video showing off some of the technology behind that:We’re also working on mountable player objects, such as Turrets and Implant Terminals. While they are a work in progress, here is a short video showing off our initial work:Through closer examination of the game client, we were able to determine the ID numbers for all 1,048 game objects. While we already had a great number of these IDs through packet collection, we were able to add hundreds of unknowns and complete our existing list. You can check it out here:Just this last week, a lot of other important groundwork and packet decoding have been completed. Progress is looking better than ever. We hope to have a lot more to share with you in the near future. Stay tuned!

    -PSForever Team

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    Awesome to see that the focus is remaining strong on this!


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      i really wanna say this: Welcome back Chord, Supreme leader of PSF project.