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Project Update #18 -- Alpha Version 2

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  • Project Update #18 -- Alpha Version 2

    PSForever Update #18 -- Alpha Version 2
    If you weren’t already aware, PSForever has officially entered a playable alpha with our major Combat milestone last month. Since then, we’ve been hard at work on squashing bugs and implementing new features.

    PSForever Patch Notes - 4/15/17

    Combat Area
    A new Combat Area has been set. Join the battle on Ascension! (type /zone Ascension)
    • TR: Zal & North Plateau Air Tower
    • NC: Sraosha & East Plateau Air Tower
    • VS: Rashnu & SW Plateau Air Tower
    Note: No specific Battle Island rulesets are in effect.

    Game Mechanics[*]Real player death and respawn is now working, and has replaced the old “teleport on death” mock system. Respawns are set to 1 second.[*]Equipment Terminal favorite loadouts are now available.[*]Reloading is now visible and synced to all players.[*]Alternate fire modes are now visible and synced to all players.[*]Switching ammo types are now visible and synced to all players.[*]Doors now properly open and close and are synced to all players.[*]The first pass of armor, including resistances for direct hits and splash damage (but not damage over time) has been implanted.[/list]Equipment
    Several pre-set favorite loadouts have been added to Equipment Terminals for testing. They are:[*]Agile Armor + ES Heavy Assault[*]Agile Armor + ES Medium Assault[*]Agile Armor + Sweeper Shotgun[*]Agile Armor + Rocklet Rifle[*]Agile Armor + Bolt Driver[/list]Weapons[*]The first pass of falloff damage has been implemented.[*]Updated the available equipment for testing.[*]List of all available equipment:
    • Agile Armor
    • Mini Chaingun
    • Jackhammer
    • Lasher
    • Cycler
    • Gauss
    • Pulsar
    • Sweeper Shotgun
    • Rocklet Rifle
    • Bolt Driver
    • Chainblade
    • Forceblade
    • Mag Cutter
    • Body Armor Nano Kit
    • Medical Applicator
    [/list]Bug Fixes

    Medical Applicator[*]Unlimited range bug has been fixed.[*]The ability to heal enemies has been fixed.[/list]We hope you will join us in testing our latest update. For more information, join us on our active Discord server, or follow our server connection guide.

    In addition to our latest server update, we’ve put out an optional, zone modification bringing back and updating the Beta Sanctuaries. If you would like access to try this update, you can find instructions for downloading and installing it in our Discord server.

    You can see a video of the Beta Sanctuaries and some other media from various proof of concept modifications below. As a note, most of these are for fun, and not necessarily planned for the official PSForever server.

    PSForever Alpha Media[*] Video: Equipment Terminals[*] Video: Death and respawn[*] Video: Reloading, alternate firing modes, and death[*] Video: PSForever Alpha v2 combat area video overview[*]Screenshot: PSForever Alpha v2 combat area map[/list]PSForever Modification Media[*] Video: Beta Sanctuary 2.0[*] Video: Bunkers with Control Console and Equipment Terminals[*] Video: Mosquito Passenger Slot[*] Screenshot: Bunker with added Control Console[*] Screenshot: Tower with added Vehicle Terminal[*] Screenshot: Bunker respawn[*]Screenshot: Bunker lattice[/list]Useful Links