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Project Update #19 & PlanetSide 14th Birthday Event this weekend!

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  • Project Update #19 & PlanetSide 14th Birthday Event this weekend!

    I’d like to start by announcing we will be having an impromptu gathering on May 20, 2017 at 12pm EST for the fourteenth birthday of PlanetSide. The last official PlanetSide server shut it’s doors on July 1st, 2016. Despite the shutdown, I’m pleased to say we won’t go a single PlanetSide birthday without being able to play! While we’re still in an alpha stage, we’re happy to be able to provide a home to play PlanetSide for yet another year. Players will be on all day, but I set a rough time as 12pm EST.

    PSForever has been progressing very nicely over the last couple months. Most notably, we’ve greatly increased our protection against hacking.
    • We have introduced a first test of our AntiHack system. While it's still primitive (and prone to the occasional false positive for some), we will be ironing out issues with it in the near future, as well as adding detection for other hacks like pull and teleport.
    • We have also implemented Game Master/CSR commands in-game. These commands allow our round the clock CSR team to easily grab a player’s numerical ID and quickly issue a kick from the server. It will be easy to kick anyone, even those pesky barcode names. We currently have a team of six trusted CSRs allowing for round the clock coverage.
    • Additionally, we have built our own player report system, which currently utilizes our bustling Discord server. Players can report hackers or other poor behavior using !report <name> <reason>. This will notify all CSRs through Discord and will allow us to respond promptly.
    • Finally, we have released a prototype interactive console for administering the server out of game. While this is an early version and proof of concept, we will have even more flexibility for running and protecting our server.
    • While we haven’t made as much major progress in gameplay features compared to last update, a ton of good work has been going on behind the scenes regarding packet decoding. A sizable update to the ObjectCreateMessage packet, known by many of us as the “God” packet. This update will allow us to implement many new features in-game, including new character appearances, posing, item ground spawns, Engineering deployables, implant terminal components, spawn tubes, matrix panels, LLUs, some different types of projectiles, and more. You can read more about this update here.
    • The next ObjectCreateMessage update slated will involve every vehicle in the game, and continued refinement of existing classes. We expect to preface the larger update with a smaller update granting access to an ATV and an early AMS for our Live Test Server to incorporate.
    As far as game updates go, we’ve added a few things here and there, and fixed several bugs. Here’s a small list of patch notes since last update:

    Added the following items:
    • Reinforced Exosuit
    • Dragon (Flamethrower)
    • Fusion Blade
    Bug Fixes
    • Medkits no longer make a sound when on cooldown.
    • Fixed a bug that would occasionally cause primary fire mode to use alternate fire mode damage.
    We will also be adding the following loadouts for the event:
    • 1) Rexo HA / Rocklet
    • 2) Rexo HA / MA
    • 3) Rexo Sweeper / MA
    • 4) Rexo HA / Dragon
    • 5) Rexo MA / Bolt Driver
    • 6) Agile HA
    • 7) Agile Sweeper
    • 8) Agile MA
    • 9) Agile Bolt Driver
    • 10) Agile Rocklet
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    Hi - Seeing Planetside 1 somewhat relaunching has made my day, week, month, year, decade (I could go on). Is there an ETA on an official launch, a few years away I'm guessing? I was a loooooooongggggg time PS1 player on Werner server, from the UK. Played this game for 10 years across TR and NC mostly (Was in the legendary MERCENARYS outfit on NC Werner)... was crazy for it and I've missed it!! I've just logged into this Alpha server but I'm the only one online currently!!! Will check in here regularly for updates. Hope to godddddddd this game relaunches properly... amazing!!

    RockyUK / RolledNC