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Project Update #13 -- PSForever C++ Emulator

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  • Project Update #13 -- PSForever C++ Emulator

    Project Update #13 -- PSForever C++ Emulator

    Happy New Year!

    I’m pleased to announce that with the New Year, the PSForever project will officially be switching to C++. New efforts are now underway by many of the PSForever developers to rewrite the server in C++. Thanks to the work already completed for the original Scala emulator, it should be a relatively quick process to bring the C++ server up to a similar level of functionality. With a greatly increased and revitalized development team, we have high hopes for PlanetSide in 2017!

    Unfortunately, PSForever founder and lead developer Chord has stopped visiting the community. We appreciate the efforts of Chord, and hope he is well. His accomplishments include leading the PlanetSide preservation effort -- allowing the community to record and submit tens of millions of packets from the original PlanetSide, and kickstarting the development process with his unprecedented Scala PlanetSide emulator; without these efforts, the eventual completion of a PlanetSide emulator would have been highly unlikely.

    In addition to contributing to the reimagined project, the original Scala emulator developed by Chord will be maintained and further developed as the C++ language project advances. These efforts will most likely remain a complementary side project, intended as a respectful tribute to Chord’s accomplishments with it, and any contribution will be appreciated. Through client modification, we have also maintained and provided a simulated version of the PlanetSide experience through the restored Offline Training modes. The brunt of the development and the ultimate delivery to anticipate, however, will be the C++ server.

    As always, if you are an interested developer or reverse engineer, we’d love to have you. Come check out what we’re working on in our public Discord coding channels. We make it easy for you to jump in and get your feet wet!

    Thank you for your continued support!

    - PSForever Team

    Discord Server:
    Github Repo:
    Website: (coming soon!)

    Edit: As a note, the current website/forums and old Github repo should be considered deprecated for now. We will be using a generic Github organization name and website for the time being (PSEmulator). In the future, it could become the overarching open source project that powers servers like PSForever (similar to how Project 1999 uses EQEmulator as a base and loginserver) -- but it's still too early to say. We will continue development in the already very populated PSForever Discord, as that is where the community is.

    If you have any questions, please feel free to ask in the Reddit thread below!

    Reddit Thread: