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Project Update #20 & PlanetSide 15th Birthday Event

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  • Project Update #20 & PlanetSide 15th Birthday Event

    PSForever has reached a new development milestone!

    The team has been hard at work for the better part of a year working on this update. To celebrate it's release, and PlanetSide's 15th Birthday, we will be holding an event on the PSForever Test Server Sunday, May 20th @ 12pm EST. Players are expected to be on all throughout the day and weekend, but we're trying to get the highest concentration playing at that time. For more information on how to play, check our setup guide.

    Now, onto the patch notes!

    PSForever Update #20: The Vehicle Update

    Ishundar Fight

    “For years after The Bending, fearful rumors circulated throughout the ranks of the Terran Republic, New Conglomerate, and Vanu Sovereignty. Many believed the Auraxian Core would once again awaken and destroy all that they know. Except this time, there would be no rematrixing. Alarmed by the possibility of permanent death, expert hackers and scientists from all three empires spent years researching the vulnerabilities of the Auraxian Core. They were able to replicate the technology which would allow rematrixing of the entire Auraxian System.

    Their fears were finally realized when with little warning, the Auraxian Core had awoke and deemed humanity on the Auraxian System a failed experiment. The Auraxian Core triggered it’s self-destruction mechanism. Soldiers lay down their arms and gathered at the ancient ruins on the planet of Ishundar. Some begged for their lives. Others simply accepted their fate, weary of endless war. The planet was soon torn asunder by a hurl of fiery meteors, and the system of Auraxis was extinguished. The war had finally ended.

    Unbeknownst to the Auraxian Core, several offworld survivors had escaped with the Auraxian System replication technology. While they are still rebuilding much of the core logic to create a perfect replication, they were able to spin up a small, experimental fragment from the final battle on Ishundar. This is the result…” Combat Area

    A new Combat Area has been set on Ishundar, replicating the final battle that took place on the Gemini PlanetSide server on July 1st, 2016, before shutting down. Each empire controls one facility and three towers.
    • TR: Hanish (Bio Laboratory), East Girru Gun Tower, West Hanish Gun Tower, NE Akkan Watch Tower
    • NC: Girru (Technology Plant), SW Hanish Air Tower, South Irkalla Air Tower, Gate Outpost Watch Tower
    • VS: Irkalla (Interlink Facility), West Girru Air Tower, SE Hanish Gun Tower, Gate Outpost Watch Tower
    Additionally, Akkan (Dropship Center) will be a powered neutral base, so players have a Dropship Center terminal to hack out Galaxies and Galaxy Gunships. Major Gameplay Additions

    • All vehicles, with the exception of the Vulture and BFRs are now available for use. To spawn a vehicle, visit a friendly vehicle terminal. Some vehicle functionality is still a work in progress. There is currently no cooldown on acquiring vehicles.
    • Restocking vehicle and aircraft ammo can only be done through Vehicle Trunks, which are fully functional. Visit an Equipment Terminal under the “Vehicle” tab to retrieve vehicle and aircraft ammo. It is typically faster to just grab a new vehicle.
    • Ground Repair/Rearm Station and Landing Pads can repair ground vehicles and aircraft, respectively.
    • You can deconstruct a vehicle within the vehicle menu.

    Inventories are now fully functional:
    • Items can be moved around your inventory.
    • Medkits now properly consume themselves when used.
    • Ammo now properly consumes itself when used.
    • Alternate ammo types can now be used.
    • You can now drop and pick up items.
    Mechanized Exo-suit (MAX)
    • MAX armor is now available for use. To acquire, visit a friendly equipment terminal and find it under the “Armor” tab. MAX Capacitor charge and Capacitor abilities are not currently functional. Terran Republic lockdown is functional. There is currently no cooldown on acquiring MAX armor.
    Infiltration Suit
    • The Infiltration Suit is now available for use, and fully functional. To acquire, visit a friendly equipment terminal and find it under the “Armor” tab.
    • Implants are now supported by the project, but are not yet implemented on the Test Server.
    Base Equipment Functionality

    Equipment Terminals
    • Equipment Terminals are now fully functioning, allowing for the acquisition of all weapons, armor, and equipment. Additionally, favorite loadouts can now be saved, but will not persist after dying or logging off. We’re looking into setting some permanent pre-determined loadouts.
    Door Locks
    • Door Locks now work, and can be temporarily hacked by enemy players. Additionally, locked enemy doors can now be opened from the inside like normal.
    Ground Repair/Rearm Stations
    • “Repair Silos” can now repair friendly ground vehicles. There is currently no ability to acquire vehicle ammo -- visit an equipment terminal or spawn a new vehicle instead. Doesn’t require proper benefits.
    Landing Pads
    • Landing Pads can now repair friendly air vehicles. There is currently no ability to acquire aircraft ammo -- visit an equipment terminal instead or spawn a new aircraft instead. Doesn’t require proper benefits.
    • Lockers are now fully functioning, but items will not persist after logging off. Your personal Locker will start with a REK and Nano Dispenser.
    Certification Terminals
    • Certification Terminals are now fully functional. There is currently no cooldown on forgetting certifications.
    Implant Terminals
    • Implant Terminals are now functioning, but Implants are not currently implemented on the Test Server.
    Vehicle Terminals
    • Vehicle Terminals, Ground Vehicle Terminals, Air Vehicle Terminals, and Dropship Terminals are now fully functioning. You may now acquire all vehicles and aircraft from them, with the exception of the Vulture.
    Other Project News

    In addition to server development, community members who are more interested in improving the gameplay side of things have reached an unprecedented milestone: PlanetSide mods. This is a very interesting and unexplored area of MMOFPS gaming, as the genre is virtually non-existent, let alone the premise of being able to run your own MMOFPS server with gameplay changes dictated by you.

    Several community members have also been working on a community patch for the game. This patch has already been tested and actually fixes two pesky bugs that were in the game for a long time.

    There are potentially tens of thousands of different changes you can implement without a full client recompile. The potential for updating and improving the game is absolutely incredible. Here are a couple simple things we have tested:
    • Bunker hard spawn system: Video
    • Faster equip/holster times for weapons and equipment
    • Revamped and rebalanced weapons and armor
    • Brand new weapons
    • Beta Sanctuary w/ BFR sheds/Air Towers/Repair Silos: Video
    • Optional text overlays: Screenshot // Video
    • Custom warpgate links: Screenshot 1 // Screenshot 2
    • Faster ziplines: Video
    • Several quality of life fixes
    • Improved air control
    • Custom certification costs and requirements
    • Home continent rotation
    • Custom holster slot setups for different armor types
    • … and more!
    We need your help!

    While our developer’s work has been amazing, we could always use additional help. To make PSForever a reality, we need your help! If you have any interest and the skills needed to help out:
    • Server Development (Scala, Reverse Engineering)
    • Tools Programmer (C#, Launcher/Patcher)
    • Database Solutions
    • Client Reversing (DLL Hooks, etc.)
    As always, the best place to play, help out, or just find out more information on our project is at the PSForever Discord server: We hope to see you there! Useful Links

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    BRAVO! Must be sooo close to this being BIG!


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      Interesting to see this is still alive, it would be fun to reminisce a little.


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        Can't log in right now and couldn't in the morning to. Problems or maintenance?


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          Originally posted by 13617 View Post
          Can't log in right now and couldn't in the morning to. Problems or maintenance?
          Did you come onto discord to get help yet? Best place currently as forums are quiet here


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            Originally posted by 13617 View Post
            Can't log in right now and couldn't in the morning to. Problems or maintenance?
            Try changing the IP in your launcher or client.ini file to -- it's different than the old IP or default one in the launcher.


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              awesome news that you guys have come so far!
              Would be more then will to help with database solutions? perhaps? But so happy to see this!


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                Great job Guys been waiting for Long time ! hope we can see eachother in the game soon


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                  Now it just won't launch, it played a error sound when I launched it. Should I wait? I think the error said somthing nvm I can't see it. Please reply to me I really want to get on today.


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                    Nvm, I had to change it to C lanetside like on the fourm.
                    Last edited by 13617; 05-20-2018, 02:37 PM. Reason: smily face in the middle of it?

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                  Originally posted by DemoManDT View Post
                  Interesting to see this is still alive, it would be fun to reminisce a little.
                  I thought the same way. Glad to see some DT is coming out of the wood work! Need to get Mirror on board!