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Weekly Battles every Sunday at 1pm EST

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  • Weekly Battles every Sunday at 1pm EST

    Hey all!

    I wanted to invite you all to join in for some PlanetSide 1 action every Sunday! The PSForever community has put together a weekly PlanetSide 1 battle every Sunday at 1pm EST. This was organically created by some of our passionate community members, and supported by the PSForever team. It’s been a great success so far!

    Every Sunday, players log into the PSForever server. The PSForever CSR team is on hand to set up a specific set of bases and even end objectives. Then a really fun battle ensues.

    Peak player count has been great over the last few weeks. Last week we had 45. We want to get this number up even more!

    For now, we are preferring players to play two of the three factions, so the maximum amount of teamwork can be utilized, and new players don’t get too lost. This Sunday, we will pit the Terran Republic against the New Conglomerate.

    Squad chat is currently functioning as a global chat to all members of your team, so it’s something important to make use of! Additionally, the PSForever Discord server has multiple voice channels, so each faction can jump in and voice chat if they wish.

    Interested in playing? It’s easy!
    • Follow the Setup Guide @ ("Play PSForever button")
    • Join the Discord:
    • Check Discord right before the battle to see which factions are available for the fight
    • Follow instructions in game
    Having trouble getting started? Post a question in the #help channel on Discord.

    What do you mean by “objectives?”
    Due to a smaller player count, we are setting up specific objectives for each battle to add more variety and ensure fun gameplay during our weekly play sessions. For example, two weeks ago was simply a single set of TR base vs NC base, whoever captures the enemy base first is the winner. Last week's objective was to capture a neutral base, while VS and NC launched attacks from a base each.

    If the objective has been completed, CSRs are on hand to set up a new battle or objectives, or just set up for a normal battle.

    In the near future, Campaigns will also be a part of our weekly battles. Imagine a string of “Scenarios” over the course of a few weeks or even months. Campaigns would have themes (i.e. rulesets and possibly even lore), as well as unique lasting consequences and rewards. The beginning stages of this will go into effect for this week’s battle, as NC lost last week, and this week’s battle will be TR vs VS.

    For now these would be separate from normal gameplay (like for our Sunday battles), but in the future they could become persistent aspects of the ordinary gameplay depending on community input.

    General Tips and Information:
    • Account creation is automatic. When you first log into the game, your account and corresponding password will be saved.
    • Your characters and loadouts will persist. Make sure to remember the account info you logged in with!
    • Entering a message without using a slash (/) command will default to Broadcast, which currently is a Global chat for all factions
    • Use /s (squad chat) to send faction messages globally
    • /who will show a player count for each faction
    • The /suicide command can be used to kill your character if you get stuck, bugged, or need it as a redeploy mechanism
    • If you forgot your account info, consult the #help channel on Discord
    Gameplay Tips:
    • Several modifications have been applied serverside. Read about them [here](
    • Certain weaponry is not functioning properly: Avoid using Plasma Grenades, Jammer Grenades, Maelstrom Grenades, Striker, Phoenix, Flail, and Radiator
    • AA MAXs are disabled for NC and VS, and the Lancer/Lancer Ammo is currently available to all three factions (although TR and NC can’t save them to a loadout currently)
    • All Enemy Vehicles is enabled for all empires
    • BFRs, Spawn Tube destruction, Generator destruction, and power downs due to NTU are not currently functional
    Time Zones:
    • Pacific - 10:00/11:00 AM
    • Mountain - 11:00/11:00 AM
    • Central - 12:00/12:00 PM
    • Eastern - 13:00/1:00 PM
    • UTC - 17:00/5:00 PM
    • British - 18:00/6:00 PM
    • CEST - 19:00/7:00 PM
    • Moscow - 20:00/8:00 PM
    • Beijing - 01:00/1:00 AM
    Thanks for taking the time to read this. Hope to see you in the battle!