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models from the .UBR files

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  • ramrod
    started a topic models from the .UBR files

    models from the .UBR files

    is there any plan, or anyone already working on, developing a tool for unpacking the .UBR files into something like .OBJs, and vice versa repackaging things back into the .UBR file? from what i know ps1 is storing all the models within the various UBR, but if my understanding is wrong that would be nice to know.

    i know of for exploring the UBR files, but can't find anything else.

    my goal for the longest time has been upscaling the terrain to eliminate the jaggy angles between faces, but besides that many of the other models could be "improved". assuming changes of this sort happen, would the project ever utilize modded assets, or would everything stay vanilla aside from small tweaks/life improvements/etc?

  • OpolE
    Wish I knew bruh. Hop in discord if you haven't already got your answer.

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