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  • [RELEASE] PS1 GameLogger

    >>>> Download PS1 GameLogger <<<<

    What is PS1 GameLogger?
    This tool is a packet logger for PlanetSide 1. It uses a DLL which hooks in to PlanetSide's packet functions
    and relays any sent packets back to a waiting C# interface. This tool will aid in reverse engineering
    PlanetSide's complex packet structure and allow for detailed packet captures to be preserved when
    the servers get taken down.

    While this tool doesn't automagically create a private server, it acts as insurance for server takedowns and builds a repository of packets for inspection. The more packets captured, the more references that can be used when developing the game server.

    How do I use PS1 GameLogger?
    Easy! Just download the ZIP, extract, and run PSCap.exe. Make sure that when you extract that the accompanying DLLs stay in the same directory as the main EXE. NOTE: you CANNOT run this by double-clicking straight from the ZIP file. You must extract first.

    The game logger works by detecting running PlanetSide processes, injecting a instrumentation DLL in to the process, and logging PS game events in real-time.
    First, run PS either through the GameLauncher or the regular DBG launcher. While running GameLogger, wait for the PlanetSide process to appear in the dropdown menu. Click 'Attach' and the logger will inject the logging DLL and be ready to start capturing. Now when you are ready, you can hit '> Start Capture' in order to begin logging game events. You can stop capturing at any time. When stopping and restarting or exiting, you will be prompted to save your capture file. Before the 'Save as' dialog pops up, a capture Metadata window will appear. You should enter a name and description about what you accomplished or what occurred during the capture session. Talk about the major events and anything unusual.

    What exactly should I capture?
    You should capture interesting things. What I mean by that is things that aren't common, such as receiving a merit or discovering a monolith. These uncommon experiences are what we want the most as they are part of what makes the game complete. Focus on things that you may not have done more than once in PlanetSide, such as fortifying a base turret or refueling a base with an ANT. There is going to be overlap between capture files, but this is okay. You can't ever have too many packets.

    What type of information does this collect?
    This program does not collect any personally identifiable information and does not communicate over the network. It only serves to capture in game packets.
    These packets include chat messages and player names, but no passwords or usernames. Capture files store metadata with a unique ID and timestamps, but not specific computer information.
    Note: log files MAY contain personal information (such as file paths or system versions).

    The logger crashed, what the heck!?
    Sorry about that! In the directory that your PSCap.exe lives, you will see some text log files. Please submit these to Chord along with what you were doing when the crash occurred. Don't re-run the logger until you have made a copy or submitted these log files as the capture tool will overwrite them.

    * Added progress bar for opening big capture files
    * Fixed bug where recapturing without saving would add a packet to a frozen capture leading to a crash