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Planetside playable?

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  • Planetside playable?

    I have seen footage of you folks in game if its just walking around or doing some fps streaming. Is their a server that is running for testing all the time, and if so, is there
    a step by step instructional on how to actually get into game. Downloaded the PS1 file and launcher but have no clue how to actually get to the game screen.
    Thank you for info you can provide me with.

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    Hey Mate - We have an EMU server up which we have done a few play tests on. They added vehicles into it recently and has created some hype for a future playtest

    If you have installed ok, just load up and put anything into the login screen, it will load the test char to run around.

    I have instructed our admin to provide some info for you shortly


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      Yes there is a server that is running all the time however it is rarely populated at all unless there is a playtest
      here is the step by step instructional guide
      if you have further questions reply to me or you can join the discord server here
      hope to see you around


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        Got it, thank you OpoIE and TS for all the info and help. Greatly appreciate it.


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          Well I am in game and am really enjoying down memory lane, its been so enjoyable to just go around and see everything. Its been a love long missed. Got my old keyboard and mouse inputs set. Hard to believe I can still remember the layout. A couple of questions, is Ascension the only place we are allowed to zone to? And I think I read where somewhere we were able to grab a vehicle of some sort, if so where is that available? Thanks again guys.


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            You can grab vehicles from the normal terminals in sanctuary.

            There's a guide about warping. Not totally sure if its locked to Ascention but theres a guide to warp to everywhere.

            We can even get in the caves mate!



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              Found the vehicles, still haven't figured out the cave entrance trick yet.


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                Vehicles seem to of stopped working. Tried all the terminals in Sant,


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                  Same I think its a new IP, will check