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  • looking good!

    downloaded and got psforever setup and working without any problems, jumped in and had some fun killing tr this morning. the launcher and everything was clean, very surprised it was so easy to get working.

    i originally played planetside 1 toward the middle of its lifespan between 2007-2010 using trial accounts, and i'd remake my account every 14 days, because i was and still am poor as hell, but thankfully this is free finally. i always played solo and focused on engineering, hacking/jacking, and vehicle certs, because my accounts didn't last very long i could never spec into everything. i would repair and resupply, deploy ams, mine/turret the living shit out of the battlefields, shield/trap my factions firefights, hijack solitary BFRS or ams, set elaborate traps for baiting and killing vehicles with the deployable manned turrets and mines/c4, set fields of cerberus turrets for denying enemy aircraft and support the position with ams and supplies, take towers and bases as infil, suicide from aircraft to get infantry kills, i had so much fun. i played all the factions, mostly NC however because their infiltrator had that scatterpistol which i considered the best infil weapon. there's no way anyone could remember someone who trial-trolled as a barcode name, but i remember quite a few people.

    i think i remember planetside 1 went free for a while before going offline, but i never touched it again or got to see the end for myself.

    i think in 2012 when planetside 2 came out i played that on and off for 4 years. it was a very different game and was lacking a lot of what i originally enjoyed about planetside 1, but there are even less MMOFPS available for playing now then there were back then.

    anyway, it's nice having this back. when a game dies it feels really bad. you can see already see all the effort and love put in. the loading screen, ui sounds, the maps, the music, getting to experience everything again is priceless. thanks for your work!

    edit: i probably should have placed this within Sanctuary/player introductions, apologies
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    Totally recognise your name. Welcome back. Keep in touch on discord