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Free AMS to combat low population pacing and spawning frustration

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  • Free AMS to combat low population pacing and spawning frustration

    This is a change I've suggested that lots of people have been supportive of but others have voiced concerns.

    I firmly believe that the AMS is necessary to basic gameplay. This wasn't a problem when hundreds of people played on a continent simultaneously. Playing with sub 50-100 players usually means that only a small amount of people have the AMS cert. This often slows down gameplay to a less than desirable level, causes lots of frustration when one is destroyed, forces people into having to take mercy against their enemy (which all teammates don't want to do -- and stagnates gameplay), etc. There are a ton of problems with the lack of AMS in low pop PlanetSide.

    So, for those reasons I think there is nothing but good to come from making AMS free.

    Some people have voiced their concern with such a change, but I should remind you: there is a built in mechanic to prevent AMS "zerging." That is the interference radius -- you are artificially prevented from placing too many AMS in the same area. For that reason, I think that free AMS is still fine.

    So, I suggest the following change:

    Ground Support
    • This certification has been removed from the game. It has been split into two certifications, Advanced Mobile Station (AMS) and Router.
    Advanced Mobile Station (AMS)
    • Grants access to the Advanced Mobile Station (AMS) vehicle.
    • This certification is available for free to all characters and is learned by default.
    • Grants access to the Router vehicle.
    • This certification costs 1 Certification Point.
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    I really don't think free AMS is a good idea. I'm hesitant to have any vehicle free barring the ANT (which is absolutely required to play the game, the AMS isn't.). The only vehicle I could get behind being free is the Harraser. It's a team vehicle that not only stops the "we have no car for the LLU" problem; but also isn't too good, requires teamwork to use effectively, is fast, etc. However, the "we have no car for the LLU" problem is a legitimate issue that players should have work with. Removing it just dumbs the game down. I'm more of a "you have to HART, get a ride, drive your ANT, or foot it" type of guy. You cannot remove all transportation logistics. Broadcast WGs remove enough of that already. If my AI ideas ever got off the ground, I'd also support players hitching a ride with them.

    To be honest, I want to increase the cost of transportation and remove certs giving too many vehicles. Like make ATV 2 certs; separate the Galaxy/Lodestar from the Liberator/Vulture and make them 3 certs apiece certs of Air Support and Air Bomber, respectively; make Ground Transport separated from the Sundy variants and Deli and its variants, making them 2 new certs of 2 cert point costs called Sunderer and Deliverer; make Armored Assault 2 cost 2 cert points; maybe make the buggy cert cost 4 cert points and make Light Scout cost 6; make Air Cav Assault cost 3 cert points; etc. The Harasser would likely be the 1 cert point sink vehicle for the reasons I mentioned above. Is this harsh? Yes. Do I care? No. Deal.


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      Great post Nick!

      This is one of the few ideas that definitely should go into the game.

      I've been on TR with 10 others once, and everyone ended up logging because no one had AMS certed.


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        Originally posted by DeathKill View Post

        I've been on TR with 10 others once, and everyone ended up logging because no one had AMS certed.
        Nailed it with this one.


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          I believe this idea brought up a good start or debate on how we should handle this issue.

          First thing, I disagree with many aspects of getting "free stuff". The thing that made PlanetSide such a successful game, is that it had achievement blended in the game perfectly, the Merits, the Battle Rank 'bubbles', the Cert Points. As of now I would like to add my addition to this topic, though this might change as others give me their opinions.

          Very simply (or not so simply): Have your idea of giving a passive AMS cert at a achievement to unlock, whether it is Battle Rank or possibly some other approach.
          This would augment the achievement and give people the drive to gain something. The difficulty of the achievement we want would have the perfect harmony with convenience.

          Anyways, good start to a needed conversation.

          - Saboteur


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            I've thought of something: grant the ability to pull an AMS to squad leaders (note: not the certification; no unintended cheap Flail access), with a lesser vehicle cooldown that's active upon promotion.


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              As I've stated in other threads, changes that cater specifically to low population or 1v1 scenarios should be avoided (in my opinion). The game was never designed for these situations and to attempt to morph it into this, I think will rob it of it's virtue.

              Stepping down from my soap box, I realize that we may struggle with population but then again, we may not; we simply don't know. Weekends and special announced events could see a surge that rivals or at least compares to the "glory days". For all the other days, I would gladly sacrifice optimal gameplay with purity.

              We need to caution ourselves to not solve problems that were problems due to a neglected game.

              Just my two cents. When it comes time that we have dev resources to implement new things -- we'll have a hell of a backlog to get through of ideas.
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                Personally i don't think making it free is a good idea, everything in the game should costs something so while i am not a fan of free if the Ground Support cert did get split and you made the Router and AMS cost one cert each it would be a much better resolution and may encourage others to pick up the cert

                What I feel people don't realize is even people that have the GS cert like i did, were not able pull AMSs all the time which is part of the issue.

                For example if the enemy vehicle terminal is destroyed, and our AMS was destroyed only one person would go back and pull a AMS while the rest of the squad would keep pressure on the base and try to keep the enemy within the base while we get another setup before doing another push, rinse repeat, with limited pop you cant afford to send more squad members to pull a AMS without risking losing any offence you have going.

                now what would change if the AMS was free? really all i can see is you have more people that are able to do it but i doubt it will actually fix anything they will still get destroyed and the fight will still be stagnated once their all gone and while half your squad is at base A bringing more to base B the defenders of Base B are recapturing their courtyard.


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                  Doing the rounds here: I think if everyone had BR40 to start then we would see people having very interesting mixed weapon fights.... I don't wish to grind at all.


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                    Originally posted by OpolE View Post
                    Doing the rounds here: I think if everyone had BR40 to start then we would see people having very interesting mixed weapon fights.... I don't wish to grind at all.
                    Some guys love SA, some love MA & some HA, so I think with BR6 we can have very interesting mixed weapon fights
                    PlanetSide !


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                      Not needing a cert to spawn a AMS is a good idea.