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  • OpolE's General Ideas before launch...

    Hi all, I've had a little read of the existing posts here: Here's my ideas currently. It's been a quiet weekend for once haha! :P

    The General Idea
    To restore the game fully without any nerfs or mods to a point where we all loved the game. (I believe quicker/not delayed respawn is one of those things that won't worry anyone from live day 1)
    Once game goes live then the current interested community can vote/discuss nerfs or mods to be made.
    Once game goes live then the current interested community can vote discuss further development.
    Stats website. Stats DRIVES MORE PLAY.
    HUB for outfits on the main site to show their strength and existence.
    Everyone to start on TOP RANK (I don't wish to grind again) CR might have to be rebuilt again to prove team leading skills and dedication?
    Strong server in good location for EU and US players.
    Invest time and energy in marketing the game when its near completion. Get people involved and focus group ways people can help.
    Keep it fun and don't run it like a large company like SONY, but also keep it professional.

    I believe the 100% PvP is how it should stay.
    No AI, no bots or side missions please.
    Max factory and previous devs creations avoid.
    Avoid any in game payments/micro transaction weapons/abilities. Just allow us to donate on website with top 10 donators toward running costs.
    No quick knife, no quick reload stuff. Basically don't do PS2/BF2/COD upgrade crap.

    Anyone registered to the forums by a certain cut off date gets emailed via forum private message a 1 off code to apply LOYAL/LEGACY SOLDIER ARMOUR (Similar to the BR25 CR5 armour) It's to distinguish people who have kept with Planetside 1 since DBG shut the servers for the last time.
    Anyone on Discord with regular postings/contribution could get the LOYAL/LEGACY SOLDIER ARMOUR too.
    Loyal chat channel in game which spans across all 3 empires. Basically non tactical chat but keeps us all enjoying the game with each other.
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    Definitely some cool ideas in there. We're going to be doing some of these things for sure. Obviously, the #1 goal is perfect emulation of PlanetSide 1 just as it was. Any kind of custom content would be a separate server.

    Support for stat websites and world control maps will be most likely be a thing.

    Not sure how xp will work yet, but it's possible we can run double xp weekends and such to help with grinding rank back and encouraging gameplay. As far as veteran rewards go, it's a cool idea but no concrete plans. Would like to do something.