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Advance Medic QOL Improvement (Better use of Spawn Times)

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  • Advance Medic QOL Improvement (Better use of Spawn Times)

    Advance Medics never reach players before they click to respawn, thus limiting their usage to organized squads and outfits.

    Suggested Solution:
    The death timer (seen after one dies) could apply to respawn time. Encouraging people to wait a few seconds to see if a medic will revive them.

    Possible Discussion Points:
    • A server variable could be added to act as a modifier; for example, a modifier of 0.5 would cause a player waiting 30 seconds for a medic to receive a 15 second reduction on spawn time.
    • Should spawn time ever be completely reduced to zero if the player waits long enough or should there be a minimum time implemented?

    Disclaimer: The ability to implement this is purely speculative at this point, although it seems likely the server side could factor this into the respawn time since its clear that the client is communicating when the player "taps" by spawning the backpack and removing the corpse.

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    Great idea! This would have two positive effects: decreasing the very long and archaic spawn timers, as well as making Advanced Medical more viable in unorganized play.


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      This seems like a very great Idea. I was actually telling a friend who has never played PS1 but has played PS2 and he came up with a problem I didn't think of with this.

      In Planetside 2 you are able to "tap" or whatever but during your short respawn time and the time taken to choose which location you'd like to spawn at you can be revived, but it pops up with a message (See photo)

      Many times have I been mid-process of being revived but I either say "F**k that shits about to go down" or i just alt+F4. This suggestion would require a lot of coding (possibly?) in order to have an ACCEPT or DECLINE button. Other than that this idea is a really good one.


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        There should always be an minimum time to respawn when you pull, regardless of where you are (barring the Sanc). Otherwise, there's no risk vs. reward to see if you'll be revived or not and you can just stay in "dead but revivable" mode until your respawn timer is up.
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