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  • Soldiers of the Vanu

    Shameless plug for Outfit Recruitment.

    When the server launches, I will be looking to lead an outfit if I have enough interested recruits. So I figured I'd get the first (as far as I know) recruitment post for it!

    Perhaps we can have the honor of being the first official outfit on the new server when development gets to that point.

    What's the Outfit?
    "Soldiers of the Vanu" will be a Vanu Sovereignty outfit accepting new and senior players alike.

    Teamspeak will be provided (to provide that true Planetside feel we all remember)

    Who Am I?
    • I am a planetside 1 vet that played Markov VS regularly from 2003 - early 2005 and on & off until the end days.
    • I was the leader of "Soldiers of the Elders" on Markov VS, a clan that peaked at 60 active members and over 120 unique members over it's lifespan.
      • Note: I have no idea who created that wiki page I linked.
    • I am also one of the developers helping the psemu project, hoping to contribute in any way I can to bring this project to life.

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    You have my axe.


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      You shall be defeated Alien scum!

      - TR


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        Need a hotshot galaxy and vulture pilot, with adv med, regular engineering and no concept of REXO? I was MinorInconvenienceMan on the official server but now I can (finally) be known as BeatCrazed.

        High speed and low drag, XXPX1.


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          Liberty or Death! NPCK in PlanetSide 2 will fight against you!


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            Magrider - The Rolls Royce of tanks on PS1 count me in VS Forever ..BR 39


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              You can use my life comrade


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                Id join ya looking forward to seeing this game happen again!


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                  I was always Cobalt but up for a new Vanu outfit!


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                    Welcome all. I would dabble on VS for sick events from time to time