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  • x13x ASSASSINS

    -----x13x ASSASSINS----- Started in Planetside 1. Our main focus was to do organized ops and to stay away from the zerg as much as possible. Our recruitment is focused on the quality of players not the quantity. We feel that if you have a small number of very skilled and smart players that really know how the game works, but can also win a 3 to 1 fight scenario, then you should have no problem with completing objectives.

    x13x ASSASSINS is a small ops based outfit.

    This outfit focuses on strategy based gameplay rather than killwhoring.
    We are looking for active players that want to grow into a team that looks after one another.

    If you want to grow into a very good player and learn from other players that know the game inside and out, then x13x ASSASSINS is for you.
    Our focus is not to be the best as individual players, but to create a team that works so well together that in time we'll be able to know what each others fighting strategies by heart.

    If you have a weakness, we will build on that weakness and make it your strong point. Everyone has something they are good at, we'll help you find it and then build on it to create a solid foundation, with a great play style that you really enjoy.

    We are limiting our space within the outfit and we are being very picky on who we accept. If you are serious about giving us the time and respect of joining us, then we will do the same to you.

    So far the roster reads 2 ASSASSINS.


    Our only requirements are:

    1. Being active.

    2. Willing to learn and train to make the team and yourself a more skilled and effective player/team.

    3. Willing to listen and above all have fun!

    4. Being able to get serious with needed, but at the same time being able to screw around when necessary

    5. Having something to contribute to the team that will help the team grow.