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  • ZaFo's Introduction


    While i had several several Alt toon's the one most people may know me by is ZaFo711-E so since i don't know what to really write my Introduction will be more of a quick biography all about the ZaFo with the -E (Real Emerald Represent! not that terrible PS2 husk not bitter your bitter)

    The Reason my main had the -E at all is due to the original ZaFo711 actually being from Markov and was my first character i made all the way back in 2003 and played heavily for a couple of weeks until i found out a friend of mine played and switched to Emerald and joined his zergfit TASK FORCE EAGLE CLAW! they taught me the basics of the game so they deserve a mention.

    I played Planetside hardcore jumping to different outfits but always going back to TFEC from 2003 all the way to about the end of 2004 spending more hour awake and skipping school then i did sleeping and actually going to school it was pretty bad, and made me try to quit cold and i succeeded.

    Some time in 2006 when SOE had the free-to-play to BR6 thing, another friend decided to check it out and of course i came back aswell.

    He ended up quitting but my love of Planetside was rekindled, it is around this time i joined (got catfished more like but that's a story for another time) Disciples Of The Apocalypse they had just recently kicked out like 500 members and were making a small dedicated group (small might be the wrong word there was a good platoon worth of very active players) that were actually coordinated rather then the zergfit statues they had.

    For the next 3 years Planetside was the main game i played not as hardcore as before but still logging plenty of hours to qualify, there was plenty of good times more laughs and face-palms then I've ever had in any game before or since.

    There was a dark time around the start 2009 people started all the hacking, not as blatant as they would later become but they were becoming prevalent and SOE was doing very little to combat it then finally around August 2009 to about 2012 almost all of what was left of DOTA left to play WoW including myself but some of us still always had a active sub to Planetside where we would go and mess around at least once a week and when the excitement and hype of Planetside 2 came around it had us playing the Original more and more once again times were good.

    When Planetside 2 came out.... and alienated every Veteran of the original... the Dark times returned people left to do other things and the rest of us went back to WoW... But to SOE's credit (HAH those f..) in 2013? Planetside became free to play and we played though the game was nothing like it once was it was still fun to play till someone would log on and shit on everything and you don't play Planetside for like a month which is how I played up untill the shut down announcement where i once again tried to play as much as possibly could right up till the bitter end July 1st at 6pm (my time) 2016 (ill never forget the 20 minutes of silence that followed in The Blades teamspeak)

    TLDR: Im ZaFo i played Planetside a lot and i like to party.

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    Great Introduction!

    It's a shame the last days of PlanetSide was the first I really had a chance to play with You, Ravage, GoldenEagle, nuker. Last week of PlanetSide really buried the time-capsule of memories I had with PlanetSide towards the end. Lookin' forward to play the emulator with, or against you .

    - Saboteur


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      Oi oi LAD!