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  • OpolE's Intro

    From Surrey, United Kingdom.

    I started PS1 in 2005 so missed 2 amazing years but watched my bro play for quite a bit of that first 2 years.

    Been a major supporter ever since!

    If you asked anyone I know closely what game I am. Its FUCKING PLANETSIDE 1, no questions asked.

    I got involved on forums early on and can never go a day without thinking about Planetside 1

    Here's my youtube that I have done a good few scrappy bits of PS1 promotions on.

    Been in a lot of clans
    Know a lot of names
    Met people from PS1 in real life
    Tried my hardest to promote and organise PS1 things
    Lot's of nostalgia
    +4000 hours played (Dominated some months of my childhood)