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  • Nostalgia

    Hey everyone,

    Yesterday I was on YouTube when I heard about this project. Today I downloaded everything, and the nostalgia hit so hard when I heard that opening music! Man, I missed this game. It's def one of my favorite games of all time. I have so many fond memories of the huge battles, and that atmospheric music was the icing on the cake.

    My older brother got the game for me as a gift at release and I remember my first day playing, how complicated everything was. There was so much to learn. The game had a tough learning curve but man was it something special. I started out on NC Markov with the 666th Devil Dogs, and it was they who taught me everything I knew. A year or so later I moved on to the Hired Guns with some other ex-DD like reddevil02, xasusx, Semantics, Wire1, JbanicarNC, LosLobos, COPE, MajorWhoopin, BLAZINI, and probably others I'm forgetting. Hired Guns was a great outfit. We had a few killwhores but much of our time was spent doing support like ANT runs and repairing blown gens/tubes/terms. I never had the strafing reflexes or the aim to be a great shooter but I had fun trying. I played pretty regularly until probably '07, then a few times in approximately 2011 and rarely after that. I do miss it and I regret not playing it again before it shut down.

    I tried Planetside 2 after its release but for whatever reason it never caught on with me. I might check it out on my PS4 if I ever resub to PS+.

    Today, when I got in game, muscle memory helped filled in all the gaps for my keymappings. It's crazy how that stuff comes back just like that. I spent about 2 hours on Ishundar as a VS. Didn't see anyone else. I tried hacking a tower and an enemy base and doing an ANT run but obviously not everything is fully functional, which is totally fine. It's enough that I got to experience the game again. I did get to fly across the continent in my Mosquito. I tried warping to Esamir so I could hear 'travel_arctic' again, but no dice (the whole soundtrack is awesome, but that was my fav. I'm listening to the mps3s again right now).

    Thanks for much for bringing this back and for the trip down memory lane, and hopefully I'll see some of you in game!

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    Mate, I'm still sitting at work whistling the open tune. No knows wtf it is and never asked lol! SECRETIVE Haha

    The game is still in testing.

    666 Devil Dogs vid


    • Shaard
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      Yep, I have a copy of that video somewhere! I remember being in-game with all of those guys.
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    Hello, old friend(s)!

    I still have fond memories of playing alongside those amazing people, Shaard.


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      Hellll yeahhhhhhhhh